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Medical Aesthetician
Summer Kolbasuk

Summer has been in the skincare industry all of her life, during which she has gained knowledge and experience in all aspects of skin. Since graduating with her Paramedical Aesthetician, she continues her education with post-graduate courses and seminars across America. To ensure that her clients are getting the latest in products and services, her ongoing studies include: Laser Technologies, Advanced Concept in Medical Skincare, Oxygen Technology, Advanced Treatments of Sun Damaged and Aging Skin, plus many other skin related categories.

As a skin care therapist, Summer feels that educating the clients on their skin is one of the most important aspects of her career. How can you know what to do, if you don’t understand what’s happening? She understands how pigmentation, adult acne, and premature aging not only put your skin in jeopardy but also your self-esteem and confidence. Summer believes that by providing her clients with the knowledge and tools to correct the situation, she can help each individual client reach their skin care goal.

As a spa owner, Summer strives to set OneSkin Spa apart from the typical spa business model. She created a warm and welcoming place that the clients can walk into and feel their stressful everyday world melt away.

Summer also puts high importance on making services affordable to everyone. “You shouldn’t have to break the bank to have beautiful skin!” she says. You will find that OneSkin Spa prices are amazingly lower than other day spas because Summer feels that it’s important to take care of your whole self. Thus, incorporating spa treatments into your life should be a consistent element, not a once in a while luxury.  Think to eat healthy vs. crash diets. Which one works better for you?

Summer chose Esthetics as her career after realizing her passion to help people feel good about themselves. Noticing how much women hide behind make-up, she decided to educate herself and help men and women improve their skin from within. This dedication to skin care leads to others learning how to care for their unique and beautiful skin, allowing them to feel more secure with themselves. Thus, ladies using make up for highlighting their assets, rather than hiding their imperfections.

Summer’s expertise in HydraFacials, Micro-Current Technologies, Medical Chemical Treatments, Photo Aging and Acne Scars, and Advanced Skin Evolution all make her unique in this competitive field. Providing comfort and confidence to her clients as a skincare professional is of utmost importance to Summer. She is excited to help her clients change and improve their appearance and looks forward to their next visit as an exciting step on their path towards healthy, beautiful skin.

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